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Fire Station #40 Dock

Jacksonville, FL

New fixed dock for the City of Jacksonville Fire Department extending 230 feet into the St. Johns River with an adjacent 72 foot floating dock accessible by a gangway.   No profile platform lifts on both sides of the fixed dock with... More Details

New 300 foot long steel sheet pile replacement bulkhead with helical tie back anchors and a continuous cast-in-place concrete cap.  The severely deteriorated existing bulkhead necessitated the construction of an emergency stabilization system consisting of temporary steel king piles and walers with... More Details

Bulkhead at Vilano Beach Boat Ramp

Vilano Beach, Florida

New 400 foot long steel sheet pile replacement bulkhead with continuous cast-in-place concrete cap.  Construction of the bulkhead required a 24” thick cast-in-place concrete loading slab supported on 14” square straight and battered piles. More Details

US Gypsum Papermill & Plant

Jacksonville, Florida

Analysis of existing dry dock areas for new heavier vessel loading and final design of repairs/upgrades for the dry dock areas, adjacent waterfront bulkhead, and mooring stations.  The project was located on the St. John’s River in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.  The design... More Details

North Florida Shipyards

Jacksonville, FL

Analysis of existing anchorage points (bollards and rollers) for 2800 ton CDNC Dry Dock (AFPL-41) operation.  Design of new anchorage points and associated foundations to be installed around existing structurally suspect bulkhead. More Details

NAS Jax Bulkhead

Jacksonville, Florida

New 350 foot long bulkhead consisting of precast concrete panels with tongue and groove side connections, Manta Ray deadman anchors, and a continuous cast-in-place concrete cap.  The bulkhead was designed and constructed in accordance with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) specifications. More Details

Hugenot Park Bulkhead

Jacksonville, FL

Design and preparation of structural drawings and specifications for approximately 160 feet of wooden bulkhead to stabilize the eroding slopes of Hugenot Lake.  The bulkhead utilized a steel rod and concrete tieback system to minimize the size of the timber piling. More Details

Hasty Residence Bulkhead

Jacksonville, FL

New 115 foot long wood framed bulkhead consisting of 8 inch diameter pressure treated timber piles, wood walers, and sheathing, and stainless steel tie rods fastened through a continuous concrete deadman anchor.  The bulkhead was designed to meet FEMA requirements. More Details

Flagler Drive Seawall Restoration

West Palm Beach, FL

Preliminary design of 3,300 feet of new seawall to replace the existing failing precast sheet pile seawall along Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The new seawall design utilized square precast king piles that were anchored with deadmen to provide lateral... More Details

New  55  foot  wide  by  150  foot  long  by  25  foot  deep boat  slip  cut  into  the  bank of the St. John’s River.    The  walls  of  the  new  slip serve as the runway for a large 600 metric ton boat lift... More Details

New 78 foot long two lane bridge connecting two residential subdivisions over an irrigation canal.  The bridge structure consists of precast prestressed concrete double T beams manufactured in conformance with Florida Department of Transportation specifications.  Parallel to the traffic lanes is a... More Details

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