Structures International offers complete design and engineering services for the structural components of facilities for a broad range of industries.

With Complete capability from consulting phases through the completion of construction, we plan, design and inspect technically superior facilities that are key to the success of clients worldwide.

Structural Engineering Services

Feasibility Analysis

With any project we undertake, we examine it for any technical limitations that might arise based on new or existing conditions, and the risks associated with those limitations to determine if the project is technically possible or not.

Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings

Building materials, strengths, and the physical properties and conditions of a building’s structural system change or deteriorate over time that may require assessment using visual or non-destructive testing to determine their current condition and if remediation or repair is necessary.

Structural Analysis and Design

Fundamental principles of solid mechanics and modern analytical techniques (e.g. finite element analysis) are used to examine and predict the behavior of a structural member or component during the design process.

Existing Facility Renovation

The use of an existing building or its purpose tends to change through the years and with it the need to determine if the loadbearing elements are adequate for the building’s new use.  An in depth analysis is sometimes necessary to determine if strengthening of the existing elements is necessary.

Construction Related Services

Construction administration services such as field visits, shop drawing reviews, and onsite and offsite meetings are provided when such services are requested or the complexity of the project warrants these services.

Structural Investigation

Our structural engineering professionals can evaluate a wide variety of structure types and assist with determining causes of failure, deterioration and distress through onsite investigations.

Peer Review

We perform independent evaluations of project designs and verify that there are no errors in the structural engineering.

High Wind Design and Upgrades

Structures located within hurricane prone regions or areas with sustained high winds require sufficient uplift resistance and a stiff lateral force resisting system.  Existing structures sometimes require additional wind uplift and lateral resistance with the addition of engineered hold down anchors, shear walls or bracing.

Flood Resistant Design

Structural building components must be durable, resistant to flood forces (including buoyancy), and resistant to deterioration caused by the inundation of floodwaters.  Structural foundations, equipment, and other components located below the flood protection level are designed to be firmly anchored to resist flotation, collapse, and lateral movement.

Seismic Design and Upgrades

Structures that are located within areas of active seismic activity are vulnerable to damage caused by lateral failures of critical building components.  The majority of existing structures require retrofitting to protect against potential earthquake damage while meeting code requirements and improving the efficiency of the building.

Concrete Repair

Concrete deteriorates due to a variety of reasons which results in cracking and spalling which could possibly lead to a structural failure.  We have many years of experience in evaluating and implementing effective and economic repair and strengthening programs for a wide range of concrete structures.

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