Portfolio Govt / Military Fire Station #40 Dock

Fire Station #40 Dock

Jacksonville, FL

New fixed dock for the City of Jacksonville Fire Department extending 230 feet into the St. Johns River with an adjacent 72 foot floating dock accessible by a gangway.   No profile platform lifts on both sides of the fixed dock with a capacity up to 20,000 pounds each will serve as the mooring for two Jaxport Boats, and one fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) Fire Boat. 

A 70 foot Firestorm boat will be moored at the floating dock.  The superstructure of the fixed dock consists of fiber reinforced plastic grating mechanically fastened with stainless steel clips as well as adhered to the extruded wide flange shapes spanning longitudinally and transversely between the dock bents with an FRP adhesive.  All wide flange shapes are extruded FRP as are the clip angles at all beam connections.  Each bent is composed of an extruded FRP channel thru-bolted on both sides of a pair of 14 inch diameter battered piles.  Each pile is extruded FRP and filled the entire length with concrete.   The construction of the floating dock is similar to that of the fixed dock except that in lieu of pile bents, it is supported by a series of float drums that are held in position by a SeaFlex mooring system consisting of flexible cables and ground anchors.  All fasteners used in the construction of both docks are stainless steel.

Both the fixed dock and the floating dock are designed to resist the effects of a category 3 hurricane.

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