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A 4,750 square foot open covered VIP parking structure constructed of standing seam metal roof on open web steel roof joists on wide flange steel beams supported on concrete filled pipe columns bearing on a shallow continuous footing.  The structure supports solar... More Details

Saint John’s Cathedral

Jacksonville, FL

As part of a restoration effort to the 100 year old structure, an antiphonal organ was installed with wall mounted cabinets to support the organ pipes. Each cabinet weighs in excess of 500 pounds. To support these cabinets from the 100 year... More Details

Lombardi Trophy Sculpture

Jacksonville, FL

Fully welded steel framed troughs divided into sections, several of which were filled with sand to temporarily support a 35 foot tall fabric covered sculpture in the shape of the Lombardi Trophy.   The remaining sections of the troughs contained spotlights which,... More Details

A 130,000 square foot addition to the existing NFL Jaguars stadium in preparation for the Super Bowl in 2005 to create a more “fan-friendly” environment with convenient ingress and egress for fans from all areas of the stadium as well as enhanced... More Details

New 8,700 square foot open structure consisting of metal roof deck on open web steel bowstring trusses bearing on tube steel beams and columns and supported on a shallow concrete foundation. More Details

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