Portfolio Specialty Jacksonville Municipal (Alltel) Stadium

Jacksonville Municipal (Alltel) Stadium

Jacksonville, FL

A 130,000 square foot addition to the existing NFL Jaguars stadium in preparation for the Super Bowl in 2005 to create a more “fan-friendly” environment with convenient ingress and egress for fans from all areas of the stadium as well as enhanced amenities.

The South end zone addition consisted of three new-elevated levels totaling more than 120,000 square feet. All levels were constructed of cast-in place slabs with integral beams, girders, and columns. The club or mid-level also included both sloping and sloped and skewed girders to incorporate the additional club level seats. The terrace or top level has a curved north edge to mirror the curved curtain wall of the club or mid-level. Twelve escalators and four elevators were added as part of the south end zone addition. Two 80 foot tall by 150 feet long, composite steel framed elevated walkways were built to connect the upper concourse of the existing stadium with the new addition to provide fans with convenient access to all levels in the south end zone.

In the North end zone, four 100 foot tall, steel framed, escalator towers were built to provide convenient access for fans to all levels. The towers in the North end zone were steel framed with composite concrete slabs at the escalator landing areas.

The entire project was founded on concrete drilled piers that had to be relocated during construction due to the discovery of unmarked existing utilities.

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