Portfolio Civil & Marine Commodore’s Point Boat Lift

Commodore’s Point Boat Lift

Jacksonville, FL

New  55  foot  wide  by  150  foot  long  by  25  foot  deep boat  slip  cut  into  the  bank of the St. John’s River.    The  walls  of  the  new  slip serve as the runway for a large 600 metric ton boat lift crane in addition to retaining  the  surrounding  soils  from  entering  the  slip.  Steel sheet piling was used for the walls of the slip and 24 inch square straight and battered precast concrete piling was used for the support of the boat lift crane and lateral stabilization of the sheet pile wall.  Extensive consideration was given during the design to accommodate drainage piping, to  maintain  stability  of  the  existing  bulkhead  along  the  River,  to  minimize  the  chance  of construction sediment entering the River, and to maximize the protection of marine mammals during construction.

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