Portfolio Mfg / Industrial Swisher Chew Addition

Swisher Chew Addition

Wheeling, WV

New  11,000 square foot expansion to an existing facility consisting of a prefabricated metal building with standing seam metal roof fastened to roof purlins that span in between the rigid steel frames.  The walls consist of 12” reinforced masonry transitioning to an 8” thickness  above the finished floor slab.  A climate controlled interior room consists of 3’ thick insulated metal roof panels on top of open web steel joists supported on 8” reinforced masonry walls.  A suspended catwalk spans the entire length of the building which is connected to an adjacent structure via a steel framed bridge consisting of prefabricated steel frames and cladded with metal siding.  Due to frequent flooding because of its close proximity to the Ohio Rover, the finished floor elevation of the structure is located approximately 7 feet above finished grade making it necessary to support the prefabricated metal frames with concrete piers.  The entire structure, including the supports for the overhead bridge, is founded on shallow foundations.

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