Portfolio Mfg / Industrial Frito Lay G.E.S. Pick Center Expansion

Frito Lay G.E.S. Pick Center Expansion

Topeka, KS

New 46,000 square foot addition to the existing facility consisting of a 6,300 square foot depalletizing area, a 7,800 square foot two-story associate service facility (ASF), and a 33,000 square foot, 75 foot tall racked supported G.E.S.  The roof structure of the depalletizing area and the ASF consists of metal roof deck on open web steel joists and joist girders supported on tube steel columns.  The floor of the ASF is constructed of a non-composite concrete slab on top of open web steel joist and wide flange beams.  The exterior of the entire structure is clad with insulated metal panels (IMP) attached to wind girts that are fastened to the building columns.  A steel framed shelf was constructed on top of the roof of the adjacent existing structure to prevent overloading the existing structure’s framing due to the snow drift created by the addition.

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