PSS Hangar

Jacksonville, Florida

PSS World Medical is a leading national distributor of over 20,000 medical products in all 50 states.  Their commitment to providing supplies and equipment to the physician market from their distribution centers nationwide is evident by the construction of their 15,000 square foot corporate hangar located at Craig Municipal Airport in Jacksonville, Florida.  The structure of the hangar consists of a prefabricated metal building with standing seam metal roof on top of purlins spanning in between the metal building frames. The walls of the hangar are reinforced masonry to a height of 8’-0” above the finished floor where it transitions to metal girts in between the metal building frames and clad with metal siding.  The hangar structure is founded on a reinforced 10” thick monolithic concrete slab.  Attached to the hangar is a prefabricated metal “lean-to” housing an office area with a single story storage mezzanine above.

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