Portfolio Religious Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

New 7,000 square foot expansion of existing structure including a new porte cochere at the entrance to the addition and a detached 40 foot tall bell tower.

The existing church was constructed using rigid steel frames at 15 feet on center and utilized 3” tongue and groove wood roof decking to tie the frames together.  Every other existing rigid frame column was removed and the remaining columns, and their foundations, were reinforced. A new 36 inch deep steel beam, running perpendicular to the existing frames, was placed over the knee joints of the existing frames and is supported on the reinforced columns. To eliminate any additional loading of the existing rigid steel frames, 30 inch deep steel beams, at 30 feet on center, running parallel to the existing frames, span from the new columns at the perimeter of the addition to the new 36 inch deep beam and cantilevered over the 36 inch deep beam where they are connected to the existing steel frames. Open web steel joists comprise the new roof structure.

The bell tower is constructed of structural steel and was designed to be completely shop fabricated which allowed it to be erected in a matter of hours. The shop-fabricated structure included continuous steel angles to support the brick veneer.

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