Portfolio Aviation Gulfstream Paint Hangar

Gulfstream Paint Hangar

Dallas, TX

Located at Dallas Love Field stands Gulfstream’s new three-bay paint hangar at its final phase manufacturing facility where exterior painting and interior finishing out of Gulfstream aircraft takes place.  The new facility increases Gulfstream’s annual production from 55 to 65 new aircraft.  The 45,000 square foot hanger consists of open web steel joists supported by 12 foot deep open web joist girders spanning 155 feet while providing a 30 foot clear height paint booth able to be partitioned to paint multiple planes.  The roof structure is supported by steel columns bearing on drilled shaft foundations ranging from 30 inches to as much as 54 inches in diameter.  The reinforced concrete industrial slab-on-grade inside the paint booth varies in thickness from 8 ½” to 11 ½”.  The lateral resistance system consists of a combination of chevron and x-bracing between the building columns.

Surrounding the paint booth on three sides is a single story low roof area consisting of open web steel joists supported by steel beams and columns and founded on drilled shafts.

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