Portfolio Residential 423 Ponte Vedra Beach Boulevard

423 Ponte Vedra Beach Boulevard

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

New two-story, 14,000 square foot private oceanfront residence including two exterior fountains, a swimming pool and a spa.  The roof structure consists of concrete barrel tile on top of prefabricated wood trusses and conventional wood framing bearing on 8 inch concrete masonry walls.  The second floor consists of 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch concrete hollowcore and solid floor planks.  Cast-in-place concrete beams and columns, and steel beams and columns in addition to loadbearing masonry walls support the superstructure on top of an 8 inch thick structural concrete slab.  The foundation system consists of concrete pile caps and grade beams with 16 inch and 18 inch diameter auger cast concrete piles.  This unique structure also includes breakaway masonry walls at the first floor designed in compliance with Department of Environmental Protection requirements.

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