Portfolio Residential 1515 Beach Avenue

1515 Beach Avenue

Atlantic Beach, FL

New 4,500 square foot, two-story residence and 1,500 square foot detached two car carriage house with a living space above. The floor plan features five bedrooms, a large kitchen and dining room with a spacious oceanfront room, and three covered loggias.

The structures of both roofs are constructed of prefabricated wood trusses with exposed rafter tails supporting a cedar shingle roof and bear on wood framed walls. The exterior wood trellises are built of cedar beams and exterior grade glue-laminated beams.

The elevated floor system consists of prefabricated open web floor trusses bearing on masonry walls. Two 800 pound interior Isokern fireplaces are supported on steel wide flange beams located within the floor system and span the entire width of both structures.

The entire project is founded on a deep foundation system consisting of 14 inch diameter auger cast piles, including a large pile supported mat foundation beneath the swimming pool and spa.

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